Differential Cogitation

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The Problem-solving

Thinking Process

Learning how to think creatively is like learning how to drive a car. The engineers may tell you how a car works, the mechanism of an engine, the transmission, steering and braking systems. They may also tell you all the terminologies of a car, brake bias, fuel injection, PSI, etc. However, knowing all those things will not make you a good driver. People who say “Think outside of the box!” is like shouting “Drive Safe!” to a teenager without a driver’s license but tries to drive a car. They cannot help or teach the teenager how to drive just by telling them to do so.

A book that tells you how your brain works or how to define problem-solving techniques cannot help or teach you how to think creatively. In other words, you cannot think outside of the box just by knowing the terminologies and how our brain works.

Differential Cogitation emphasizes the details of problem-solving. Instead of focusing on the theories concerning thinking processes, it recommends different stages of problem-solving techniques to be applied. It provides an effective way of solution-finding, and more importantly, systematic ways of generating ideas by knowing the different ways of improving existing ideas and concepts. This book is an SOP for problem-solving and creative thinking. Every person who wants to be more creative should read it.

The techniques are:








Goal Setting

Reverse Thinking



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