Differential Cogitation

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People always say “Think outside of the box!” and show you success stories of such a creative thinking method, but no one can show you exactly How to think outside of the box?

Many scholars in neuroscience and psychology have talked about how our brain works or how it affects our behaviour. However, those studies have nothing to do with creativity training. The relationship is like the one between medical doctors and athletic training. You will not consult a doctor about how to play basketball or football well although sports are related to our body. Similarly, we will not consult a neurologist or a psychologist about how to think creatively although it is related to our brain.

Differential Cogitation is a book that tells you how to make your brain work and how to solve problems so that you can become a Professional Problem Solver!

Differential Cogitation provides you with a set of creativity techniques and a system for problem-solving that will help you to solve problems like a CEO, see the bigger picture, be more creative thus create better outcomes in your work and your life.



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